Day 284: The Raven and the Hand

A Tumorous Looking HandSurprisingly enough I’m actually somehow still going on both the #inktober and #drawlloween challenges.  Today was one of those days when that meant doing two sketches instead of one.  Sunday is still my hand drawing day after all.  I had to keep up with that.  Today’s #drawlloween prompt was “raven” though and I couldn’t possibly resist that.  I’ve been meaning to do a raven sketch anyway at some point.  Not that this one is exactly the best example of that.

The Charcoal RavenThe only real problem with all of these challenges resulting in multi-sketch days is that I’ve been blowing through my sketchbook much faster.  I now only have two pages left in my ink sketchbook.  It’s turning into quite the precious commodity.  I suppose that means I’ll have to decide what to do about completing the #inktober challenge sooner than anticipated.  I had planned for my next sketchbook to be a charcoal sketchbook.  So since I didn’t want to use another of my precious remaining ink sketchbook pages I figured I would do the raven in charcoal to get started on that one.  I don’t have much experience with charcoal … or any really … so it’s going to take some adjustment.


13 thoughts on “Day 284: The Raven and the Hand

    1. It doesn’t seem too much more forgiving so far but I’ll have to see how it goes. Anyway, unforgiving isn’t necessarily a bad thing for me right now. I still need to work on my line confidence.

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    1. Yeah, it’s definitely a challenging juggling act. I don’t even want to know what this #printoctober thing you mentioned is because I’m sure I’d just keel over if I tried to add any more challenges to the mix right now.

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