Day 283: The Archangel

The ArchangelToday’s #Drawlloween prompt was “alien”.  Apparently that was a cue for me to draw some more really bad fan art.  I had multiple ideas for things to draw for this prompt.  Possibly some of my others would have turned out a bit better.  Sadly I had neither the energy nor the sketchbook space to draw all of them so I had to pick just one.  I chose Garrus Vakarian from the Mass Effect video game series.

Garrus is a Turian which is a very justice-oriented militaristic race of aliens whose physical appearance was based on birds.  I like the designs of aliens in the Mass Effect universe and Garrus is my favourite character from the games.  Some of the other alien races have much more interesting character designs but he was the one I felt like drawing.  Sadly I ran into some proportion issues again.  I didn’t plot my sketch out well enough so I wasn’t able to do him justice.  That’s one of the dangers of sketching in ink I suppose.  It’s much harder to fix things when there’s a fundamental flaw in your initial sketch.  It was still fun to give it a shot though even if it isn’t the most halloweeny subject.


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