Day 280: A Dilapidated Old Haunted House

A Dilapidated Old Haunted HouseThis #Drawlloween thing is actually pretty fun so far.  It’s definitely taking me out of my comfort zone which I figure has got to be a good thing.  So far my sketch a day challenge has been very much self directed.  It’s interesting to follow prompts for a change.  Today’s prompt was for a haunted house.  That’s definitely the most challenging one so far.  I haven’t really had much practice drawing buildings and houses.  Actually I’ve been pretty solidly avoiding it.  I should probably work on that at some point.

For now though, this is pretty much my best effort.  There’s a reason I’ve been avoiding drawings of buildings.  I still don’t really have the strongest grasp on perspective.  I know it’s all over the place in this sketch.  I’m going to use the excuse of its being a very old derelict house … given that it’s haunted and all.  Clearly it’s just run down enough that all of the support beams have rotted out and nothing’s straight anymore.  Also it’s all warped and there may be some inter-dimensional shifts going on.  You can’t trust perspective on a haunted house anyway, right?


12 thoughts on “Day 280: A Dilapidated Old Haunted House

  1. I like this drawing, very well done ! The only thing that doesn’t work for me is the perspective but you already talked about that. Don’t worry tho, you’ll grasp it better after some time, just keep practicing ;). I look forward to your next work 😀

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