Day 279: A Super Funky #Drawlloween Pumpkin

A Super Funky PumpkinToday’s #Drawlloween prompt was a pumpkin.  So here’s a sketch of a photo of a pumpkin carved to look like some kind of monster with another pumpkin on its tongue… and possibly two more pumpkins for eyes … and some other gourds of some description for horns.  Is that enough pumpkin action for you?  I’m just going to assume that it fulfills the requirements.

I love pumpkins!  I actually had pumpkin for supper tonight.  When my husband pulled out the pumpkin to make supper I actually stared at it contemplatively for quite a while until he gave me a funny look.  I mentioned that I was supposed to draw a pumpkin today and he offered to make something else so that I could draw that pumpkin.  It was tempting.  I actually would have liked to do a like drawing of a pumpkin.  It would have been interesting.  Sadly I couldn’t resist having the pumpkin for supper so I had to find something else to draw.  The photo I found was fun enough to make up for it though.


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