Day 277: A #Drawlloween Vampire and Another Weekly Hand Sketch

Another Somewhat Messy Hand SketchAlright, so today is just going to be a crazy art day for me.  I guess I didn’t feel like flaking out on #Drawlloween on only my second day of knowing about it.  It didn’t help that today’s prompt was “Vampire” which seemed like it would be particularly fun to do.  I couldn’t miss out on my weekly Sunday Hand Sketch though.  That would be inconceivable!  It’s about the only thing I’ve managed to be completely consistent on ever since I first started this one sketch a day business.  I’ve done a hand sketch every single Sunday of 2015.  I think I’d probably have a total mental breakdown if I broke a pattern like that.  At this point it has been thoroughly ingrained into me.

So I was toying with the idea of just doing both.  I also have the Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School that I’ll be going to this evening though so I’ll be doing a bunch of life drawing practice later.  That wouldn’t be too much of a problem except that I still have a sleep debt I’m trying to work off before I make myself sick so I was hoping to get an early night.  So my plan was to get my hand sketch posted this morning so that when I return from Dr. Sketchy’s I can just go straight to bed without worrying about hand drawings and blog posts.  With all of that to squeeze in though I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to fit in a vampire sketch as well.

Apparently fate, or maybe my subconscious being a jerk, decided to step in.  When I did my hand sketch this morning (as planned) I accidentally drew it on the wrong page of my sketchbook.  I skipped a page and left an empty page!  Unthinkable!  Now my whole system would be thrown off.  The sketchbook was supposed to follow from day to day in a linear fashion.  Clearly my only option to stave off an anxiety attack was to do my vampire sketch after all on the blank page in between my October 3rd goblin sketch and my October 4th hand sketch.  Since it’s still October 4th the pattern would be maintained and the gods of consistency would be appeased.  That’s where this lovely lady vampire came in.A Mutant Vampire

Vampires are pretty easy to do since they’re basically humans with overgrown canines.  Originally I was considering drawing a specific vampire from a movie or television show but I couldn’t really think of one that I felt like drawing.  I tried to think of who my favourite vampire might be and nothing really came to mind.  In the end I decided that it would be more fun to pick a photo of a human and transform them into a vampire.  Just because I’m following prompts this month doesn’t mean there’s no place for Something To Draw left in my life.  So I set the filter to people and just kept refreshing until I came across someone who looked like they’d make a good vampire.  The winner was this photo submitted by Paula Anddrade.  I think she makes a beautiful vampire.

Sadly I elongated the wrong teeth without noticing.  Apparently I can’t even transform someone into a vampire without screwing it up.  Oh well, I think I’ve seen a movie or something at some point that made the same mistake.  I’m fairly certain (as certain as you can be with something that is fictional) that it is supposed to be the canines.  I guess this one is just a mutant vampire or something.  Either way it was pretty fun to do, even if she doesn’t look quite right.

I’ll probably post my Dr. Sketchy’s drawings tomorrow since I want to go to bed pretty soon after getting back tonight.  No doubt they’ll be pretty terrible anyway.  I’m actually fairly happy with today’s two sketches so I wouldn’t want to ruin it by adding a bunch of rubbish onto it.  So I’ll be doing a lot of drawing today, my artistic endeavors are far from over, but these two are the only ones that will be posted today.  The rest will be posted along with tomorrow’s sketch of the day.


9 thoughts on “Day 277: A #Drawlloween Vampire and Another Weekly Hand Sketch

  1. That hand is REALLY terrific! And I’m glad you subconsciously made it so that you had a draw a vampire. 😉 I think she’s fabulous…and if you hadn’t pointed out the teeth, I wouldn’t have noticed because the rest of her is so well-drawn!

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 I was actually quite surprised with how well the hand turned out. I just kind of dropped my hand into my lap and that happened to be how it landed. I looked down and thought “Well that’s an interesting pose” so I went for it. Seemed like it would be a tricky one but it just kind of clicked.

      And I like the vampire lady too, despite the fact that she’s a mutant 😉

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