Day 275: Raaa!

The Raaa FaceI know I’m a bit late today.  Despite yesterday’s warnings I hope no one was too worried about me.  Everything is okay, I promise, I was not in fact eaten by a zombie mannequin in my sleep.  I just had a busy day and didn’t make it home until very late tonight.  The fact that I was half asleep by the time I finally made it home also resulted in a rather rawer sketch than my usual fare.  Despite its roughness I kind of like it though.

Believe it or not today’s sketch was actually once again based on a photo from Something To Draw This was purely a case of “I’m too tired to think of something to draw.  Please do it for me.”  I scrolled through quite a few photos before finding one that really jumped out at me though.  This one, submitted by Max Mocali certainly did capture my attention though.  I do so love an expressive face.  The photo is called RAGE which I think is a rather appropriate title.  I’m a bit less sophisticated in my choice of words though (particularly at 1am).  Clearly when I looked at this photo the first thing that came to mind should have been “rage” but instead it was “Raaaa!”, which I suppose is what I imagined her saying.  In the end it’s all the same though.


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