Day 264: An Unintentionally Creepy Looking Woman

An Unintentionally Creepy Looking WomanI have now one hundred percent officially broken the completely random made up pattern of yesterweek.  I also may just be making up words.  Yesterday is definitely a word.  I’ve heard yesteryear before as well.  So theoretically yesterweek should work just as well, no?  My spellcheck seems to disagree with that sentiment but I’m going to go with it anyway.  I will not allow my life to be dictated by a spellcheck!

Moving on from that random tangent now, I mostly just didn’t have the wherewithal to choose for myself what I wanted to draw today.  As that is pretty much what Something To Draw was invented for, at least as far as I can tell, I decided to go back to relying on my old faithful crutch.  No filters, just completely random photo generation at its finest.  In this case I chose a photo that was clearly beyond my capabilities.  I just liked it.  The photo was submitted by Jessica Christ and trust me, the photo itself is actually quite nice.  The poor woman depicted does not look remotely creepy in the photo.  That was just me completely butchering it.

I may need some more figure drawing practice yet.  Also, now that I’ve replaced the ink in my lovely markers it appears that the ink cartridge in my pen is just about empty.  I just can’t win here.  It’s just one thing after another.  It can be pretty difficult to get a good line drawing when you’re trying to scratch each line in multiple times because your pen keeps fading in and out.  These are the things that really make me miss my days of pencils and watercolours.  Oh well, the pen sketchbook has almost reached its end.  Maybe I’ll pick something less finicky for my next sketchbook.


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