Day 263: A Sleepy Messy Hand Sketch

A Sleepy Messy Hand SketchI make no apologies for this sketch.  Excuses though, those I have plenty of.  The most prominent one is that I have once again wracked up a bit of a sleep debt.  I know, I know, it’s an absolutely terrible habit of mine.  I am trying to get better, really I am.  Nonetheless, I have not gotten much sleep for the last few nights and I have another week of early mornings ahead of me.  I am completely and utterly exhausted.  My eyelids are drooping.  It’s a pretty bad scene really.  The lesson here is something along the lines of droopy eyelids and life drawing don’t go terribly well together I think.  Something along those lines anyway.

I actually did manage to get some fresh ink for my markers.  I did not however have enough energy left to actually change the ink cartridges in said markers.  I just made do with the old empty marker for this one last sketch instead.  Sadly my secondary mission of picking up a new pen on my journey failed miserably.  Maybe another time.

Anyway, I managed to scribble out something that bears a vague resemblance to a hand and I’m going to call that a success.  It may not be pretty but it’s a hand sketch and it’s Sunday and I’m barely awake right now so that’s good enough for me.  I think I’m going to go pass out now once again.


11 thoughts on “Day 263: A Sleepy Messy Hand Sketch

  1. It absolutely looks like a hand and is a fine effort in spite of your lack of sleep. I hope you’ll get well-rested. Sleep is super important for all sorts of cognitive functions, as well as one’s mood and overall health (there’s an article in the current issue of Scientific American about it).

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I am well aware of how important sleep is. My lack of it is already having some pretty significant effects on my immune system *face palm*. This is an area I definitely need to work on. I just keep drifting back into terrible sleeping habits.

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