Day 259: A Guardian Angel and a New Imaginary Pattern

A Guardian AngelI seem to be doing some sort of rotation right now.  On Saturday I drew a TV show character, then I did my Sunday Hand Sketch, the next day I drew another TV show character, then yesterday I did one of my sketches, today I drew another TV show character and then tomorrow will be my figure drawing day.  It’s like I’m alternating between fan art and my usual routine.

I’m a little bit obsessed with patterns.  I tend to see patterns where they don’t really exist and then try to extrapolate them out ad infinitum.  It’s something that I’ve done since I was a child.  It makes me want to sustain this new emerging pattern for as long as I possibly can.  Luckily that likely wont be for too much longer.  Even if I decide to draw another TV show character on Friday just for the sake of following through on some imagined pattern that same pattern will fall apart soon after.  Saturday would be a random something-to-draw,com photo most likely but then Sunday would have to be Hand Day which means I would no longer be alternating between fan art and my usual routine.  Instead I would have two days in a row of my usual routine.  Oh, the horror!  See, this is where my brain goes when left unattended…

Anyway, I believe that somewhere lost in all of the insanity the point of all of this was supposed to be that this is another sketch of a character from a TV show.  It’s another somewhat old but not really old show.  Sort of late nineties, early two-thousands era.  Actually all three of my recent TV show character sketches have been from that era.  I suppose that makes sense though since those were my big TV watching years.  There is actually half a reason why I’ve been drawing these guys but it’s not a fully formed reason and it doesn’t make much sense.  This one again doesn’t look too much like the actual subject but I had fun with it.


9 thoughts on “Day 259: A Guardian Angel and a New Imaginary Pattern

  1. You’re funny! This guy looks very familiar. I think I know why I’m not sure who these people are: late 90s and early 00s was when we had our kids and life got too busy to watch tv. My TV watching eras were the 60s through to mid 90s. 🙂 It’s pretty neat how you can see patterns even where none exist. Our brains are inherently pattern-seeking but some of us can do it better than others. I’m not that good at it personally. 🙂

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    1. Well my brain is most definitely pattern-seeking. I search and search for patterns everywhere without even really thinking about it and if they aren’t there then half the time I end up just inventing them.

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