Day 256: Epic Fail Hand

Epic Fail HandSo I’m calling this one my epic fail hand.  It was one of those drawings where I kept trying to make it better but everything I did just felt like it made things worse.  For one thing I just couldn’t really get the shading right on this one.  Maybe the pose I picked was a bit too challenging for today.  I seem to have much more trouble with the palm up poses than the back of the hand poses.  This one also required a lot of weird perspective stuff and foreshortening which I’m obviously still struggling with.

All of that being said though, it didn’t turn out nearly as badly as it could have.  I can definitely still see some progress here, even if it isn’t always as linear as I might like it to be.  Honestly it probably doesn’t really qualify as an epic fail.  I’m just calling it that because of how it felt as I was drawing it and because that was the first descriptor that came to mind for it.


14 thoughts on “Day 256: Epic Fail Hand

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. I’m not sure I agree with you on the lines, although I am making some progress on that. Overall I do think the shading improved it though even if it didn’t feel that way when I was doing it.

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  1. Noo! I didn’t notice the title and when I saw the picture I came here specifically to comment on how much I like this! The shading on the third finger and definition of the nail is really really nice!

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