Day 254: Portrait of a Smoker

Portrait of a SmokerNow we’re back to sketches based on random photos from Something To Draw.  It’s so nice to have access to an endless supply of fresh faces to try to capture.  This one is based on a photo submitted by Mohammed Nairooz.   I think it mostly stood out to me for the lighting.  I also thought it was shot from quite an interesting angle.  It seemed like a good challenge while not being too intensive since I was looking for something a bit lighter for today.

I’m not sure this one quite delivered on the lightness side of things.  It ended up being a bit more challenging than I anticipated.  That may have been more due to a lack of focus than anything else though.  I’m also not sure how well I delivered on the shading in the end.  This was one of the sketches where I ran out of steam and ended up just calling it finished sooner than I otherwise might have.  I’m feeling a bit under the weather again and decided that it was more important to get some rest than to try to get this perfect.  I think it’s okay for what it is though.


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