Day 250: Just a Cute Little Boy

Just a Cute Little BoyHey, I hit 250!  That’s another nice arbitrary milestone to celebrate.  I really am having a lot of fun with this light and shadow practice.  The nice thing is that I am still getting line drawing practice as well even though nobody else is seeing it.  I still see it at least.  Maybe I’ll start taking pictures of my line drawings before starting the shading just to keep myself honest.  Obviously I didn’t do that today.  I was actually quite happy with the line art for this one though.

This sketch, like most of my sketches these days, was based on a random photo from Something To Draw.  My photo of choice for the day was submitted by Ragstatic.  The shadows weren’t too obvious on this one but it was just such a great photo.  I was a little bit looser than usual with the shading on this one.  I’m just having fun experimenting with it, trying something a bit different.  It’s definitely interesting and I really do feel like I’m learning a lot.  I suppose I’ll just keep going as long as that’s the case.


8 thoughts on “Day 250: Just a Cute Little Boy

    1. Thank you 🙂 I have never really considered printmaking but it might be interesting to try sometime. I’ve really been enjoying these three tone experiments. I feel like I’m learning a lot which is always the main goal.

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