Day 244: A Cat in a Jar

A Cat in a JarFor some reason I just can’t draw cats.  I don’t really know why.  It’s like I have a mental block or something.  I mean maybe I just need more practice but I seem to be able to get much better likenesses with pretty much any other animal I try to draw.  Then when I try to draw a cat it just doesn’t work out the way I expect it to.  I suppose it could just be another matter of setting my expectations too high when it’s an animal I’m more fond of and familiar with.

Anyway, this is my latest attempt at drawing a cat.  Despite the fact that I have two perfectly viable live specimens downstairs this one was still drawn from a photo.  That’s mainly just because I didn’t have anything in particular in mind to draw.  If I had set out to draw a cat I probably would have chosen one of mine.  As it was I just went for another random Something To Draw photo and the first one to catch my eye happened to be of a cat.  It was submitted by Sanna Pudas and trust me, I didn’t do it any justice at all.


6 thoughts on “Day 244: A Cat in a Jar

  1. Cats always look like they’d be easy to draw…until you actually try. I’m successful at drawing them about 30% of the time. I think as long as it has some semblance of a cat, and yours actually looks a lot like one, it’s all good. 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I think my success rate is basically 0% right now, unless you count the leopard I did in my watercolour sketchbook. I think that was the best looking cat I’ve ever drawn. Luckily my inability to draw cats seems to be confined to domestic cats for whatever reason. What bothers me about this one is that it doesn’t capture the grace or what I see as sort of the essence of a cat. I’m not sure if that really makes sense outside of my own head.

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      1. I understand, but I also think that we are harder on ourselves with our art than others are. 🙂 But, keep at it…you will be able to draw domestic cats the way you like one day if you keep trying! That’s what I tell myself about lots of topics, too.

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  2. I’ve drawn Penny oodles of times, which has helped. I’d say swoop. Really with almost anything organic, make sweeping lines. Maybe use a pencil and cheap paper so you’re not afraid to be broad with your strokes, and see if that might help.

    I still like this interpretation though. I feel like your style is emerging in the the shading.

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