Day 241: Flamingo Love

Flamingo LoveI’ve been drawing lots of people lately and no animals.  I haven’t picked an official animal drawing day or anything but I do like to get in at least one animal drawing a week if I remember.  I suppose this is my last chance for this week.  It took me forever to pick a photo that I wanted to draw again today though.  In the end I chose a nice photo of two flamingos from Something to Draw submitted by lumer-photo-passion-83.

I meant to get the entirety of the flamingos onto the page but somehow it just didn’t work out that way.  I still seem to having sizing and proportion issues.  All it all I think it didn’t turn out too bad though.  I decided to stick to the basic line drawing for this one again and not attempt any shading.  I’ve been doing a lot of drawings with shading lately and I don’t want to entirely lose track of my goals.


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