Day 239: A Quick Sleepy Mannequin Sketch

Quick Sleepy Mannequin SketchWell I don’t know if Mr. Mannequin is sleepy or not but I most certainly am.  I had a long day today.  It was a good one, don’t get me wrong.  Much fun was had and it was better than the last few days have been for me.  Nonetheless, it was long and it got really really late again entirely without my permission.  So I’m afraid I didn’t spend much time on this week’s mannequin sketch.  I didn’t move him, didn’t pose him, didn’t even touch him.  I just drew him as he stood and that was it.

Sorry Mr. Mannequin.  I don’t mean to neglect you.  I will spend more time with you next week, I promise.  I’m pretty sure that’s a promise I can keep since it would be pretty hard to spend any less time with you and still get a sketch out of it.  I will also try to do you better justice next time around.  Maybe I’ll even give you some shading to add dimensions!  No promises on that last one though.  The point is, I will try to do better.  For now though, this is all I’ve got.  Now it’s off to bed again.


8 thoughts on “Day 239: A Quick Sleepy Mannequin Sketch

      1. I’m quite poor right now so bargain hunting is a necessity. I think I’ve gotten more than enough use out of this little guy to justify the cost though.


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