Day 238: Blowing Out the Birthday Candles

Blowing Out the Birthday CandlesIt seems I managed to survive yesterday’s misadventures and I even got around to sketching a little bit less horrifically late.  Okay, it’s still pretty late but at least I started before midnight today.  Progress is being made.  Slow slow progress but progress nonetheless.

Anyway, today is my father-in-law’s birthday so I decided to take a shot at a quick birthday sketch for him.  I had vague ideas of more complicated things like watercolours and whatnot but I just didn’t get my act together early enough for all that.  I had a meeting today and with all of the tiredness of yesterday I ended up just sticking with a basic pen sketch similar to the ones I’ve been doing.  That way I can keep my run going in my current sketchbook while still squeezing in a birthday theme at least.

I’m really not quite sure what I was going for here.  The photo didn’t have very good lighting (flash no doubt) and between that and my decision to make everyone’s hair black it was pretty hard to figure out what to do with the shading.  I didn’t want to just leave it as a basic line drawing since it’s supposed to be a gift of sorts.  In the end I just tried to give the vague impression of shading.  I’m not really sure how well that worked out though.  The part I know didn’t work out was the proportions.  I tried to plot it out a little bit to avoid this sort of disaster but I didn’t end up sticking to the plan very well.  As a result all of the proportions are off and none of it really makes much sense if you look at it for more than two seconds.  Well, I suppose I’ll just have to hope that no one looks at it for more than two seconds, won’t I?  Live and learn.


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