Day 237: Pas Tres Belle

Pas Tres BelleAlright, full disclosure:  I am completely and utterly failing at this new resolution of mine.  That being said, I’m still not quite ready to throw in the towel yet.  I may yet succeed at actually getting sketches done earlier in the day, even if I am only … what is it? 1 for 6 or something like that I think right now.  Today, however, definitely did not go well.  I am completely exhausted and in no insignificant amount of pain.  My hand is all burned from spilling boiling hot tea all over my hand and then gripping the cup desperately, even as boiling water continued to flow over due to my shaking hand, so as not to shatter it on the floor while fumbling with the door.  Not exactly my finest hour.

Worst of all was that it was already ridiculously late and I was already tired (possibly the initial cause of the spill) and had yet to do my sketch before all this happened.  It turns out that a throbbing pain in your hand does not do much to improve focus.  The additional delay from attempting to soothe the burns with cold water didn’t help much either.  I’m afraid I ended up just doing a really quick sketch.  I will no doubt try this one again another day.  I had hoped to put a bit more effort into today’s sketch but alas it was not meant to be.  There’s always tomorrow though.


11 thoughts on “Day 237: Pas Tres Belle

    1. I appreciate the concern. I think it’ll heal just fine. Luckily it was my non-dominant hand that got burned (the dominant hand was the one fumbling with the door), so it didn’t take too much dedication to still do my sketch. I’m not sure I could have handled drawing with my burned hand. It was still throbbing quite painfully when I was lying in bed trying to sleep. It’s much better now though. Just a bit sensitive.

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad you think so. Tiredness is my enemy and I must learn to overcome it. I think this sketch did turn out better than it could have all things considered though, just not as well as I might have hoped.

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