Day 235: Good Hand, Bad Hand

Hand of Contrast I seem to have developed a favourite pose for my hand sketches.  I can’t say for sure why I keep coming back to this one.  I suppose part of the reason is just because it’s a comfortable pose for me that I tend to settle into quite easily.  Then after the first few times it also became one of the easiest hand poses for me to draw, just because I had more practice with it.  Anyway, when I’m feeling tired or uncreative or I’m just looking for something that I know I can pull off, this is the pose I tend to settle on.  Today I had a bit more fun with it by adding the shadows.  That made for an interesting change.

I actually tried for a more interesting pose first but it didn’t quite work out.Twisted Hand

Definitely some huge proportion issues on that one.  I also couldn’t get the angles quite right.  I don’t know, it all just came out wrong for some reason.  It was because I was so disappointed with this one that I decided to go back to my old faithful hand pose.

I’m still glad I pushed myself to try something new.  Hopefully next time around it will go a bit better.  I wanted to get at least one sketch that I was happy with though.  I suppose this way I get the best of both worlds.  One that I’m happy with and one that’s more experimental.  In the end it all worked out okay.  Now I just need to succeed at getting it done earlier in the day.


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