Day 233: Another Dozy Child

Another Dozy ChildBoy, I’d almost forgotten how hard it is to break old habits and stick to new resolutions.  My latest attempt at this “do my sketches early in the day” resolution seems to have lasted all of a day.  Not that I’m giving up.  Tomorrow’s another day with another chance to try to improve.  Whether my next attempt meets with success or failure remains to be seen.  Today’s attempt was not successful.  I did however still try my hardest once I did get around to doing the sketch.

This may not be the best sketch I’ve ever done but it was my best effort, at least for today.  Children really are challenging.  I need to keep working on child proportions.  They’re so interesting to draw but there are so many small differences and nuances between drawing adults and drawing children.  I’m still constantly aging every child I try to draw.  Some day maybe I’ll figure it out.

This child was once again drawn from a photo from Something To Draw.  Something about her captivated me and I wanted to give it a shot.  The photo was submitted by Memo Vasquez.  My line drawing may not have been the most accurate but I did have some fun with the shadows on this one.  All in all I’m not too unhappy with the result, even if I did age the poor girl a little bit once again.


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