Day 231: Portrait of an Older Gentleman

A Gaping Old ManI’ve decided to try to get my mojo back.  I may not be quite there yet but I’m going to get there.  Anyone who may actually be reading these posts I’ve been writing is probably aware that I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch lately.  I suppose it would be more accurate to say that I’ve been allowing myself a bit of a rough patch.  These things are usually a matter of perspective.  So today I went for a very long walk.  By very long I mean that I was out for about five hours.  Apparently that’s about what it takes to clear my head.

I think it did help but needless to say it certainly didn’t give me an earlier start on my sketch.  It was definitely quite late by the time I got back and even later once I got around to my sketch.  It didn’t help that it took me a little over an hour to find a photo I actually wanted to draw.  Apparently clearing my head didn’t do much to help my decision making either.  I’m going to blame the tiredness for that.

What it did help was my focus and motivation.  I’m going to try a lot harder from now on.  Failing that, I’ll at least try to try.  Sometimes that’s about all I can ask for and I think I need to be okay with that.  When I set out on this journey, it wasn’t ever meant to be about failure or success.  It was just meant to be about trying.  It’s about actually giving it a shot regardless of the outcome.  Failure is an important part of that.  Bad sketches are pretty much guaranteed.  What I’m not happy about, which I’ve been a bit guilty of lately, is not trying to push myself.  If I go into a sketch expecting the worst then that’s probably what I’ll end up with.  That’s true of most things in life.  It’s something I need to work on.  After all I did say that pen sketching was supposed to teach me confidence.

So this is today’s best shot.  It’s just a random person but I liked his expression.  Once again I picked the photo from Something To Draw.  This particular photo was submitted by Giulio Magnifico.  It was definitely a fun one to work with.  It may have taken me forever to choose a photo today but I certainly wasn’t disappointed with my choice.  Having such a great subject definitely helped boost my motivation.  We’ll just have to see if I can maintain that motivation for tomorrow’s mannequin sketch.


9 thoughts on “Day 231: Portrait of an Older Gentleman

    1. Knowing surprise is a good description I think. I couldn’t quite figure out how to classify his expression which I think was one of the things that intrigued me about it. I think that fits quite well though.

      I had honestly forgotten how much I truly love walks until I started trying to make a point of taking them again. They definitely feel therapeutic to me.

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