Day 229: Strangers on a Train

ConcentrationI had to make an impromptu trip into town on the train again today. It was pretty short notice so I was basically rushing out the door. Important things to grab: phone, wallet, e-reader and of course my sketchbook and pen. Sadly my keys did not make the list.  That caused me some minor trouble with getting back into the house at the end of the day but luckily didn’t affect me at all while I was out and about.  Since I did have my sketchbook with me though I was at least able to get in some random people sketches on the train.  So clearly it was in fact far more important to remember the sketchbook than the keys.  Totally justifiable.

Unfortunately it wasn’t a very crowded train and I didn’t choose the best seat for observing people.  I really only had a good view of two different passengers.  In order to draw anyone else I would have had to turn in my seat and stare awkwardly at people.  I opted to skip that option and just settled for the two passengers I could observe unobtrusively.

Napping on the TrainI drew the man first but wasn’t too happy with it.  His head was bobbing around a lot and completely changed position while I was drawing it.  In the end I think he did settle into a fairly stable position.  Sadly it was not the one that I had begun to draw him in though.  I think I ended up making up how half of his features should have been lying.  Oh the woes of drawing real like people.  The second person I drew, the girl, moved around a bit too but not quite as drastically.  I think that one turned out a little better as a result although it’s certainly still very rough.  It’s been a while since I drew random strangers on trains.  I think I’m out of practice.


5 thoughts on “Day 229: Strangers on a Train

    1. Thank you. It’s definitely not easy. Sometimes though, I see someone who looks interesting and my mind immediately starts thinking about how I would draw them. Of course I don’t always have a sketchbook handy when that happens. It’s nice to make the effort when the opportunity does present itself though.

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  1. It is definitely hard to draw people unobtrusively. I think you managed to capture a coherent image for both, even though they did not cooperate and stay still. And of course the sketchbook is more important than the keys!

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    1. I’m glad you agree about my priorities. Drawing people unobtrusively is definitely one of the biggest challenges. I find it’s always hard to get anything more than a really vague impression of the person.

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