Day 226: The Last Guardian

The Last GuardianI kind of had a bit of a rough day again today.  Seems to be happening quite a lot lately.  I decided that I should combat it by drawing something sort of fun that I’m excited for.  This is the result.  Not my best sketch ever but at least it’s of something I’m excited about.  This is Trico.  He is a griffin of some sort I think.  He’s from a video game that’s been in development for about seven years now called The Last Guardian.  Apparently it is actually going to come out at some point though.  I sure hope it does.

So why is it that I’m so excited about a game that has been in development hell for the past seven years?  Well it is being developed by the team behind my all time favourite video game and it looks absolutely gorgeous.  I have ridiculously high hopes for this game … if it ever actually comes out.  I also very highly recommend their previous game, Ico, to anyone who has any interest at all in playing a video game.  It is an absolutely beautiful game with great atmosphere and story.


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