Day 223: A Pensive Young Monk

A Pensive Young MonkThis is one of those drawings where I can’t see anything except for the flaws.  I’m not quite sure if it’s really as terrible as I think it is or if it’s a matter of shifting standards.  Either way I’m just not happy with it.  I liked the photo I drew it from though.  It was another random Something To Draw photo.  This one was submitted by cisco image.

Again I was really keen on the expression which was my main reason for choosing the photo.  I’m not sure if I actually captured it or not though.  I think my main problem is a proportion issue again though.  Somehow I ended up way off on the sizing of my sketch again and the various body parts ended up in the wrong places and disproportionate to each other again.  It’s definitely still something I’m working on.


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