Day 222: The Second Bird Sketch

The Second Bird SketchThis was the other bird sketch that I was going to do on Draw a Bird Day but didn’t quite get around to.  It was drawn from another random photo from Something To Draw.  This one was submitted by Bertrando.  I really loved the photo.  It was so beautiful that I knew I still wanted to draw it even if it wasn’t going to be for Draw a Bird Day anymore.  I kept the tab open for the last couple of days so that it would still be available for me to draw.

Most of my day was spent on birthday celebration though so this sketch was quite late again.  I’m afraid I didn’t give it as much time or attention as I would have liked.  As a result I don’t think I ended up doing the photo much justice.  I guess I can’t hold off on drawing things that I really was to draw until I’ll be able to do it proper justice though.  That’s the kind of thinking that keeps me from drawing anything at all.  I just need to keep working on it and trying.  There will always be another good photo.


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