Day 221: A Somewhat Belated Hand Sketch

A Fat Blobby HandAlright, I’m kind of cheating this whole Sketch a Day thing a little bit again today.  I spent most of the evening baking myself a birthday cake.  It took much longer than expected which pretty much caused problems all around.  Oh the joys of having dietary restrictions.  I mean it was my choice to make my own birthday cake.  I was pretty excited to try out a new recipe.  Everything just gets a little bit more complicated when you have food allergies.

Anyway, since it took me so long to get everything sorted out I didn’t actually get around to doing my sketch until after midnight.  Technically I suppose that means I didn’t actually draw anything on August 9th but I’m going to just pretend that didn’t happen.  It’s not like it’s the first time anyway.  Just means I’ll be doing two sketches on my birthday :).

I am however going to blame the blobbiness of this particular hand on the lateness of the hour.  I was pretty grateful that it was hand day so I didn’t have to find anything to draw.  Just a basic hand sketch.  It ended up a bit strange and fat looking anyway though.  I think it’s because I had to move my hand to adjust my sketchbook partway through the sketch and I didn’t get it back into quite the same position.

The fact that I had some slightly more interesting hands on Rumpel a couple days ago makes me feel better about that though.  I’m fairly confident that I haven’t entirely forgotten how to draw hands.  I just need more practice … and sleep.


6 thoughts on “Day 221: A Somewhat Belated Hand Sketch

    1. Lol, that may well be. Though I’d thank it to wait until I actually eat all of that cake before it starts getting all chubby on me. Of course I may have snuck some batter and icing as I was baking …

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