Day 220: It’s a Draw a Bird Day

Another Random BirdToday was another one of those days that kind of got away on me.  I actually did do my sketch hours ago.  I even considered doing another one since it was still so early.  That’s pretty much when my tentative grip on temporal continuity started to fall apart.  There was food and then I started reading and suddenly it was ridiculously late again.  I have no idea where all of the intervening time went.  Obviously it goes without saying that I am a firm believer in Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Anyway, I did manage to remember this whole Draw a Bird day thing again (with a little help from Laura)!  I didn’t pick out a specific bird this time around though.  I just hopped back onto my favourite site Something To Draw and set the filter to “birds”.  Quite handy that is.  Sadly though it means that I have no idea which bird I actually sketched this time.  I mostly just picked it because I liked the shape of it.  I’m afraid I’m rather ignorant on the different species of birds.  All I know is that the particular reference photo I used was submitted by Flávio Cruvinel Brandão.  Presumably he has a better idea than I do of what kind of bird this is.  I just liked the look of it.


7 thoughts on “Day 220: It’s a Draw a Bird Day

  1. I agree with Ann; I think ink really suits you! And you’ve done a tremendous job with the feet (which is one reason I chose a photo without bird feet in it!). Bird feet to me are really hard. This is beautifully done!!! Yay, I’m so glad you joined us!! ❤

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