Day 217: A Sad Song

The Melancholy BagpiperI don’t have anything too inspired for today.  I was having a bit of a lazy/procrastinatey sort of a day.  In the end I just chose another random photo from Something To Draw.  That’s pretty much my go to option nowadays anyway.  Today’s random photo was submitted by Frank Fullard.  Once again I chose it mainly for the expression on the man’s face. He just looked like such a melancholy bagpiper.

I suppose facial expressions are pretty much my favourite things to practice.  Faces, be they human or animal, are just so amazingly expressive.  I want to learn how to capture all of the various nuanced expressions that define our emotions.  I suppose that would pretty much be the study of a lifetime.  You’ve got to start somewhere though.


11 thoughts on “Day 217: A Sad Song

    1. Thank you 🙂 I have been drawing with a Copic Multiliner and I really love it. It moves so smoothly on the page and gives a nice line. Whenever I try to use my old Sharpie Pen now I’m really horrified by the difference.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 It still wasn’t completely accurate but I think I got the important points across quite nicely. I’m learning that getting the feel of something down is more important than the accuracy of the representation.

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