Day 216: A Somewhat Grouchy Gorilla

The Somewhat Grouchy GorillaI really love animals with personality.  This one is from another random photo from Something To Draw.  It’s a really great shot submitted by POPE J2011.  I fell in love with this one the second I saw it.  There was no way I could resist trying to draw him.  I was going to call him “The Grumpy Gorilla” but somehow my sketch ended up far less grumpy looking than the photo.  I think he still has a lot of personality though so I’m pretty happy with it.

Monkeys are fun because they’re so close to humans.  I was setting out to draw an animal today because I really enjoy my animal sketches.  There were several really great animal photos that I skipped.  I’m always looking for the most expressive ones.  It’s really easy to pick out the expressions on primates and this Gorilla was especially expressive.


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