Day 215: Just a Dude Hanging Out on the Ground

Just a Dude Hanging Out on the GroundI had quite an active day again today but not so much artistically this time.  I meant to bring my sketchbook with me to the beach.  Really, I did!  But I didn’t.  I left it behind in the car.  So instead of sketching on the beach I just enjoyed the sand and the fresh air and the sunshine and the sound of waves.  Yeah, I don’t so much regret that part.  I did see some people who would have been fun to draw though.  Oh well, I’ll just have to try to remember my sketchbook again next time I make it to the beach.

Anyway, since I missed the perfect opportunity for some more life drawing practice I had to settle for another random photo from Something To Draw.  This one was submitted by Jürgen Katzengruber.  It’s a pretty nice action pose.  I had a lot of fun with this one.  The muscles were really well defined in the photo and it’s a pretty interesting perspective.  I think between this and yesterday’s life drawings I’m beginning to gain a better grasp on anatomy.  Of course I should probably still put a bit of study into it at some point.  In the meantime this was a pretty fun way to practice though.


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