Day 213: A Slightly Squooshed Car

Out For A DriveStill working on that whole proportion thing.  Today I picked another random photo from Something To Draw to practice on.  This one was submitted by The Adventurous Eye.  That’s a pretty nice name for a photographer.  Based on his flickr page he seems to mostly be into cars though.  I’m not really much of a car person myself.  Usually I just skip past all of the car photos.  This one caught my eye though.

I just really liked the shapes on this old timey car and it seemed like it would be an interesting one to draw.  Sadly I’m still struggling a lot with sizing and proportions and so far it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.  I miss my pencil drawings.  It’s not that I don’t like actually drawing in pen.  Surprisingly I like that part much better than I expected.  I just really miss being able to block in the basic shapes in advance to get a better idea of the overall sizes and proportions before putting down any solid lines.

With the pen I end up just drawing whichever part I decide to start with and thereby locking myself in.  Then I have to adjust all of the sizes and proportions of the other parts as I go to meet up with what’s already there.  I’m not sure if that makes any sense or not.  I’m really tired.  The point was that this car ended up quite squooshed.  That was sad because the elongated front of the car in the photo was one of the things that appealed to me.  Live and learn though.  It may be slow going but I’m still convinced that I’ll get better eventually.


11 thoughts on “Day 213: A Slightly Squooshed Car

  1. could you block in the basic shapes in pen first? construction lines often look really cool when left in drawings and you don’t have to draw much – just little marks where the corners or important edges of the various parts should be.

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