Day 211: Another Mannequin and Some Doodles

A Mannequin in ProportionI confess that I don’t have the best grip on the days of the week lately.  Nonetheless, I was fairly confident that today was Thursday so I happily went about sketching Mr. Mannequin as is my custom.  It didn’t actually occur to me to confirm the day of the week until after I was finished.  Luckily I was not mistaken this time.  It was in fact Thursday.  Good news as it means I won’t have to draw another figure tomorrow like I did last time I got confused about the days of the week.  I seem to finally be getting a hold on this whole Thursday figure drawing, Sunday hand drawing routine.  Of course now that I’ve noted that I’ll probably slip up.

Anyway, I’m not sure what Mr. Mannequin is doing with himself today.  He seems to have chosen quite a strange pose.  There were two things I did note however.  The first was that I am very grateful that I was able to replace the nib on my favourite pen.  I actually began this sketch with a different pen without thinking.  It just happened to be the closest pen at hand so I picked it up and started drawing with it.  It was horrid.  I have clearly been spoiled for all other pens.  I instantly wondered why the ink wasn’t coming out as cleanly and why the pen was scratching against the paper in such an irritating way.  When I realized that I was using the wrong pen I was horrified and instantly switched back to my favourite.  Such a relief.  Everything immediately felt much smoother and cleaner.  I believe I may be forming a deep and enduring bond here.  I will have to take good care of this pen from this day forth because clearly no other pen will do for me anymore.  It’s a serious commitment but I think I can handle it.

The other thing I noted with this latest mannequin sketch was that my proportions weren’t as far off as usual.  I’m actually quite happy with the proportions on this sketch.  The sketch itself may not be my best yet but I think it may be the most accurate rendering of Mr. Mannequin so far at least in terms of proportions (though he is still missing a foot).  It certainly helped that I chose a reasonable starting point for once so I didn’t have to switch partway through and then try to connect things after the fact.  I also somehow was able to maintain a better grasp on the relative sizing of his different body parts.  I can’t quite account for the change but I sincerely hope that I will be able to repeat this success in future sketches.

Of course with that out of the way I had to completely undo all my efforts with some silly doodles.  I was sketching while watching X-Files again but instead of trying to capture anything from the episode I was watching I just tried to draw a couple memorable scenes from previous episodes.

A First Attempt at X-Files CartoonsPlease note that these drawings were in no way intended to be accurate and I used no reference material whatsoever for them.  It was purely fun cartoony silliness because I finished my mannequin sketch about halfway through the episode and felt like drawing some more.


10 thoughts on “Day 211: Another Mannequin and Some Doodles

    1. Thank you 🙂

      The pen I have been using is a Copic Multiliner. I was tempted to pick one up for a long time but it seemed a bit pricey. Eventually I bit the bullet though and now I’m hooked. I really love how it draws.

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