Day 210: A Sketchy Looking Koala

A Sketchy Looking KoalaAlright so yesterday was pretty much a whole lot of nothing but now I’m back to good ol’ Something To Draw.  Today’s random photo of choice was submitted by marinfinito.  It is perhaps the most interesting looking koala I have ever seen so I couldn’t resist the urge to sketch it.  I mean koala’s spend 99.9% of their time either sleeping or chewing and sometimes both.  This little guy however is amazingly doing neither and he’s sporting an interesting expression to boot.  Definite props to the photographer on that one.  It was a pleasure to sketch.

My husband accused this koala of looking stern.  I have to admit I was far more interested in his face than I was anything else in the photo.  Most of the body is pretty blobby and I definitely didn’t get the proportions quite right, yet again.  Big surprise there.  I just really like the expression on his face though.  He’s got so much personality to him.

I’ve decided that I love drawing animals with interesting facial expressions.  I just can’t resist them.  My favourite random photos to target on Something To Draw are either people with really expressive faces or animals.  This little guy is like the best of both worlds and I love that about him.  I’ll have to see if I can dig up some more photos like this one.


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