Day 209: Some More Random Faces (… and partial faces)

More Random Faces and Partial FacesI’m going to try to keep this relatively short because I’m completely exhausted.  I’m still not fully recovered yet and I had a pretty strenuous day so I’m ridiculously tired and just hoping I didn’t set myself back.  While I was out I made a couple attempts at sketching but was mostly unsuccessful.

I started sketching a chair in a waiting room.  I’m not sure if I was planning to draw anything beyond that, it wasn’t a very interesting waiting room, but I had barely even started on the chair when I was called into my appointment.  Then at lunch I tried to sketch one of the other people in the cafe.  That’s the top left picture which I don’t think turned out too bad.  She kept moving about so it took me basically all lunchtime just to sketch her though and I didn’t bother drawing anyone else.

To fill up the rest of the page I just did some more X-Files sketches.  I’ve decided that they really don’t show anyone’s faces long enough in that show.  You may be able to tell that I decided to start with the hair this time around.  Sadly by the time I had the hair down some of the characters’ faces were never shown again.  Anyway, with how tired I am this is about all I’ve got in me today so it will just have to do.


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