Day 208: Another Bizarre Looking Child

Another Bizarre Looking ChildI decided to attempt something a bit more interesting for today’s sketch.  I think I may have been suffering from some Something To Draw withdrawal after the last few days.  I had a hankering to try drawing a random person again so I fired up my favourite website with the filter set to “people”.  The photo that caught my attention was another infant photo.  This one was submitted by wazari.

I wasn’t specifically setting out to draw a child.  I was looking for interesting expressions more than anything else.  The first one that caught my eye just happened to be a small child again.  I’m still struggling with drawing children though so I suppose the practice will do me good.

This one was actually quite challenging, particularly since I have decided that I am in fact sick so I was having a bit of trouble with the whole concentrating thing.  I think I didn’t get the proportions too far off on this one though so that’s a plus.  Although that being said the hat did end up even more oversized in my drawing that in the photo.

I also would have done better picking a photo that relied less on shadow.  The shadows were very interesting but I broke the nib on my favourite pen trying to do all of that shading with it.  I’ll just have to get a new one I suppose.  Anyway, all in all it was a pretty interesting sketch to do.


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