Day 207: Some Bizarro Hands

Weird Woobly HandI mentioned my quality control issues of late, yes?  I’m just not on my game right now.  I mean I’m still not entirely sure that I have a game, except that I know that I’m off it.  Truth be told I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather this weekend.  It’s really very annoying.  I’m not sure if I’m actually sick or not but every time I attempt to do something or concentrate on anything by body seems to make some pretty strong objections.  Silly body.  We just don’t seem to be on the same page.

Luckily hand day isn’t particularly taxing.  I probably shouldn’t have picked such an interesting pose though.  Interesting poses and an inability to concentrate do not, it would appear, mix well.  I decided to do a second sketch with a more boring pose that I liked a little better.

Boring Hand With a Flat Thumb

It’s still pretty awful though.  Hopefully I’ll get through this funk soon and start making better progress again.


14 thoughts on “Day 207: Some Bizarro Hands

      1. Quite likely. Honestly I think I’m turning out to be one of those people who’s allergic to pretty much everything, which is a bit annoying really. I’ve also had a lot less control lately over exactly what’s in my food and whether or not there’s any cross-contamination going on.

        Overall though I though I think the bigger issue is that I can’t afford my supplements anymore. I’ve still got some left over but I have to ration them out meaning I don’t take them unless I’m already quite sick and have something that needs doing. It’s amazing the difference they make though.

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      1. Oh no! No worries, I didn’t mean it that way at all! I promise I wasn’t offended, just amused.

        If anything I was grateful, lol. It’s always nice to know that there’s someone around who will tell you if you have an alien growth coming out of your hand :).


      2. Always good to have someone around to tell you when you have an alien growth–agreed. Actually, I think I wrote what I wrote to capitalize on the things you said about it. Anyway–thanks for replying. Words are tricky little things for communication some times.

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