Day 206: Just for Fun

Impressions of an X-FileToday’s sketch is just some random impressions really.  I’m not doing so well with quality control lately but today I didn’t feel like worrying too much about that.  I had a bit of a rough couple of days and I really felt like drawing just for the fun of it and not even attempting to create any kind of masterpiece … or even anything worth seeing really.  Sometimes I feel like more learning happens in rough doodles anyway.

These faces were all drawn while watching another X-Files episode.  Every time I watch that show I find myself wanting to draw Mulder and/or Scully at least ten different times.  I think it’s the lighting on the show that gets me.  I just love seeing the play of light and shadows across their faces.  Scully’s hair tends to be especially fascinating to me for how it’s lit in different scenes.  Of course since I was actually watching the episode they didn’t exactly stay still and let me draw them.

Pretty much every time I picked a shot I liked, studied it and decided to start drawing it it would cut away and not cut back to their face in that scene again, even when it seemed like it was a shot that was going to be held for a while or an ongoing conversation.  So in the end all I was left with were some vague impressions.  It was still a lot of fun to do though.  Maybe one of these days I’ll pick a screen shot and do a proper sketch.  Today though I didn’t feel like doing anything properly, just having a bit of fun.


7 thoughts on “Day 206: Just for Fun

    1. I’m all for multi-tasking. I went through a phase of trying not to because I know it’s supposed to be better to focus but it just didn’t work for me.

      One day I just decided to play something in the background while drawing again and I actually felt more focused than I had when I wasn’t doing anything else. It’s pretty weird but I’ve always been that way.

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