Day 205: Quantity Over Quality

A Pair of EyesOne of the things I’m enjoying about switching from my watercolour sketchbook to this new all pen sketchbook is how much less time it takes me to do a sketch.  I figured that I agreed to do a sketch a day, not a painting a day so I always started my watercolours with a pencil sketch anyway.  That means that a pen sketch takes me at most the same amount of time that Stage 1 of my watercolour sketches took, before I even pulled out my paint.  It’s a pretty big relief being able to finish a sketch in under an hour again.  The watercolours were fun but they took me stupidly long to do.  I have yet to learn how to do quick watercolours.

Today though, my sketch really took hardly any time at all.  I wasn’t too happy with the results either.  I started with a pair of eyes from a random photo from Something To Draw.  Unfortunately I refreshed the page without noting the photographer so I can’t give credit for the reference photo.  I made the eye a bit too small though so I ended up having to draw a bit more of the face than I had intended (more than was in my reference photo).  The alternative would have been to just leave a bunch of empty space on the page I suppose but I felt like that would look pretty strange.  So my sketch ended up just being a very loose (i.e. half made up) interpretation of the photo anyway.

Since I wasn’t too thrilled with it and I hadn’t spent much time on it I decided that I may as well do another sketch.  My second sketch was another self portrait and this one is rather more accurate than the last two.

A Girl SketchesI suppose it does help that you can’t see my face at all.  This one was just drawn from my mind’s eye though and not from any actual photo.  Maybe I should just avoid photos of myself for a while because this seems to work better.  I just drew myself drawing myself basically.  No mirrors, no photos.  I just looked down occasionally to access how I was sitting and try to figure out how it would look from the side.  In the end I suppose I think it’s more accurate mostly because I have no way of gauging its accuracy.  My husband agreed though.

The self-portrait didn’t take very long either though so I decided to throw in another sketch from a Something To Draw photo.  That was when I refreshed the page without thinking and lost the information on the first photo.  The second photo I drew from though was submitted by a Viola’s visions.  I wasn’t going to draw a cat until I managed to sit down with my own cats at some point and convince one of them to pose for me.  For some reason though Something To Draw decided to generate a whole bunch of photos of cats today so eventually I just caved.

A Domesticated LionThe aspect ratio on the photo was a bit different from the aspect ration on my book so again I made up some things that may not have worked too well.  I should probably stop choosing incredibly cropped photos.  This one was actually fairly fun to do though.  I wasn’t quite sure how to get a convincing fur effect going but all in all I do think it looks somewhat cat-like.  I’ll still try to sit down with mine at some point though and see if they’ll be nice and cooperate for me.


6 thoughts on “Day 205: Quantity Over Quality

    1. Thanks 🙂 it was pretty fun trying to assess my position any visualize it from an outside perspective. I can’t vouch for it’s accuracy but I definitely enjoyed it. It feels like a true representation at least. It’s accurate to my own mental image of myself at the time.

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  1. I too love the eyes. And cropping really makes the images interesting.
    I’ve been trying to draw myself in different poses too (based on stretching I do in the morning). It’s a good exercise I think. I’ll post some on my random drawings next week. You did a good job here.

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    1. Thank you. I look forward to seeing some of your drawings of yourself too. Drawing yourself stretching sounds like it would be interesting. I’ve drawn stick people doing some of the stretches I did before but never full figures.

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