Day 204: Back to the Mannequin! This I can handle … sort of

A Disproportionate MannequinThank goodness for Figure Drawing Thursday.  After yesterday’s fiasco I was pretty grateful for any excuse to aim for something a little simpler.  Along comes Mr. Mannequin.  He’s so accommodating.  Well, except when it comes to posing of course.  I’m sure it’s not his fault that he’s not too flexible though.  Perhaps in his youth he could have twisted himself into much more interesting poses.  Alas, those days are long past.  These days he’s just too stiff to do anything too exciting.

He did his best for me though and I did my best to capture him.  I failed of course.  My proportions are still all over the place.  I really need to get a better handle on them.  I think I may actually be getting worse.  I’m just glad I was drawing a mannequin this time and not an actual person.  The results probably would have been quite embarrassing.

I seem to start my drawings on one scale and then slowly migrate to a larger and larger scale as I go along, creating a somewhat bizarre effect.  In this case his hands are tiny and by the end my scale had gotten so big that I couldn’t even get his feet onto the page.  Well, I suppose I could have but it would have involved distorting the proportions even more.  Poo Mr. Mannequin.  I hope this won’t put him off posing for me in the future.


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