Day 203: Some Scary Studies of Me

Me On the RocksHey, I’ve improved quite a bit at this whole drawing thing right?  I mean there has been some marked progress since I first started.  Surely I’ve reached a point by now where I can actually draw myself and have it not be a total disaster, right?  No.  The answer to that question, most apparently, is a resounding no.  I don’t know what it is about self portraits that’s so difficult but these are probably my worst drawings in months.

I decided I wanted to attempt another self portrait.  After all, the painting I did for my friend’s birthday wasn’t really a proper self portrait which means that I hadn’t done one yet in July.  It seemed like a good idea to take another shot at it.  After all it feels like I’ve been doing a bit better lately.  Unfortunately I pretty much hated the result.  I didn’t even want to finish it but I forced myself to just for the practice.  I think I decided before I was even halfway through that I was going to try to do another one though.  Surely I could do better than that.

Again the answer is no.  Apparently I couldn’t do better.  Rather, the result was two absolutely horrible (and thankfully woefully inaccurate) self-portrait attempts.  One of them makes me look like a somewhat terrifying demented clown-type monster.

I actually liked this one better before I drew the mouth in.  Don’t get me wrong, it still looked horrible.  It’s just that without the mouth it looked a bit like some sort of creepy wraith creature.  That’s still pretty bad but it’s a bit more interesting than a demented clown.  Seriously, I may have nightmares about this.

Me As a Terrifying Demented ClownBoth sketches also make me look like I’m about a million years old.  I’m not.  I really need to stop aging all of my subjects.  Some day I’ll learn how to draw expressions on youthful faces.  Maybe I should just keep practicing on children’s faces until I learn how not to age people.  I think I add at least 10 years to almost everyone I draw.  At least this time I’m only insulting myself though.  I suppose that’s an improvement.  I will do better than this eventually!  I’m not giving up yet… which means that there will be more horrible horrible drawings to come most likely.  I apologize in advance.


16 thoughts on “Day 203: Some Scary Studies of Me

  1. I agree that your drawings are improving! Your post made me LOL – not the drawings, the text! :)). You’re hilarious. I think self portraits are hard though. You’re braver than I am – I finally broke down and attempted a self-portrait that looks horrible (and I’m not too bad at doing portraits of people I don’t know!) I just think self-portraits are hard. At some future point, I plan to not be a seagull anymore, but who knows when that will happen, because I’m not showing that selfie to anyone! I don’t know what you look like, but if I had just seen the sketches with no text, I’d say these both look great!

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    1. Lol, yes. Self-portraits are crazy hard. I’m really not sure why. You should have seen my husband’s face when he saw these though. It was kind of hilarious. They definitely look nothing like me.

      I was sort of hoping for something that would work as a profile pic too but no dice. Eventually I will manage to draw something that actually looks like me and then you will all know just how bad these actually are (and how much I aged myself). I didn’t really want to show these to anyone either but I’m just posting everything I draw right now: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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    1. Thank you. I like working on expressions. I think the expression in the first one turned out okay which is the main reason I prefer that one despite the terrible proportions. The expression on the second one just scares me though. Definitely needs some more work. Self-portraits are inexplicably harder than regular portraits.

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    1. Thank you too Kerfe :). Expressions are probably my favourite things to work on. Open mouths definitely are a challenge though. This one just went horribly wrong.

      The full body one isn’t too bad as far as the expression is concerned. It’s just the proportions that are off and the facial structure is a bit wonky.

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    1. Thank you but some day I will manage to do an actually accurate self portrait and then you will see just how bad these actually are, lol.

      I think the first one is definitely better than the second one though. I just aged myself a bit and got the proportions all wonky. That one could potentially be me in a couple decades from a really weird angle.

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