Day 202: Another Sadly Disproportionate Kid

Another Sadly Disproportionate KidI really love some of the random photos I stumble across on Something To Draw.  This one was submitted by Daniele Romeo, a traveling photographer who has some really amazing shots up on his Flickr page.  I was just flipping through photos as usual, looking for something I felt like taking a shot at drawing and this one really stood out to me.  I was captivated by the expression on the child’s face and the completely natural pose.

Yes, this is supposed to be a child.  It seems that I still have a tendency to age all of my subjects.  The kid in the photograph looks to be about ten years old I would guess.  My sketch looks more like a surly teenager really.

I think it’s a proportion issue for the most part.  My biggest struggle right now is getting a handle on scaling and proportions.  I just can’t seem to fit things on the page properly.  I always underestimate the scale and I have  a lot of difficulty keeping all of the body parts in the right place and in proportion to each other.

I especially had a lot of trouble with this one because I started with the bottom arm and then wasn’t sure where it should end so I switched to the top arm to try to get a better idea of where things would go.  By then I’d already placed the other arm though and they didn’t end up in very sensible places in relation to one another.  I probably should have just started with the top arm to begin with.  That would have made much more sense.  Live and learn.  I’ll just have to keep practicing and eventually it will click in.


10 thoughts on “Day 202: Another Sadly Disproportionate Kid

    1. Lol, yes. I’m bad at bluffing. I should just pretend these things are intentional.

      His right hand is a bit over-sized but otherwise it’s okay. Getting the expression down was definitely my focus though.

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      1. I just think down the line if your work is ever hung for sale….no one would see your reference photo(s). I think about this all the time with my work, and I stopped posting the photos long ago for this reason. If someone appreciates my artwork without it, so be it. They don’t need to know that I’m not that great at drawing. Anyway, just a thought.

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