Day 201: A Pair of … Hippopotami?

A Pair of HippopotamiI seem to be having a lot of difficulty with words lately.  What do you call a pair of hippos?  Are they hippopotamuses or hippopotami?  Well, at least I’m fairly certain that it’s not hippopotamese.  My spell check is no help on this one.  It’s happy with both hippopotamuses and hippopotami.  I suppose the easiest solution would have been to just call them hippos.  When have I ever taken the easy road though?  Well since it seems like they are both correct I guess I get to just pick my favourite.  I think I’ll go with hippopotami.  I’m quite fond of Latin.  What do you think?  Which one sounds better?

Anyway, that’s what today’s sketch is!  It’s a pair of hippos.  In case you hadn’t guessed, this was drawn from another random photo off of the Something To Draw website.  Today’s photo was submitted by a Thomas Hawk.  I really like the framing of it so I decided to take a shot at drawing it.  It’s probably not the smartest idea for me to pick photos based on the framing considering how much trouble I have translating the scales accurately but oh well.  Maybe it will give me something to aim for and help me learn faster.  I did a little better at the scaling and proportions on this one anyway.


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