Day 199: Just Horsing Around

Just Horsing AroundI can’t believe that I’m almost 200 days into my year of sketching and this is the first time I’ve actually attempted to draw a horse.  I actually just checked to make sure I had the day right.  That’s how hard it is to believe.  Well, okay, I’ve also been wondering for a while now whether my day count is actually still accurate or not.  I always just base it on the previous day’s post so I feel like there’s not much margin for error there.  If I made a mistake on one post then each subsequent post would have the wrong day count and it would just compound with further errors.

Anyway, that’s not the point.  The point is that my day count is in fact accurate and that means that I have been sketching every day for 199 days straight without ever once drawing a horse.  I suppose the only reason why that seems so amazing to me is because horses always felt like animals that are closely tied to people.  They seem like they would appear in scenes fairly often.  I’ve also seen lot’s of beautiful horse drawings and paintings from everyone else over the past few months and often thought that I should give it a shot.

Well, I finally did!  Here’s my horse sketch.  There aren’t 199 days left in the year anymore so I can’t guarantee whether or not I’ll get around to doing another one but at least I got this one in.  Once again, this is based off another Something To Draw photo.  This one was submitted by Vlado Ferenčić who appears to be a Croatian photographer with quite a few very beautiful photos on his flickr page.  Apperently that’s what it takes to finally get me to draw a horse.  It had to be randomly generated and placed in front of me by the Something To Draw website.  Oh, what would I do without that site?


13 thoughts on “Day 199: Just Horsing Around

    1. Thank you 🙂 I was quite happy with this one. It turned out surprisingly well all things considered.

      Of course it was bound to be an improvement given that I don’t remember the last time I drew a horse. So the only drawings of mine that I have to compare it to are from when I was about 9 or 10 years old.

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      1. If the cat on my deck would only stay still…even when he’s sleeping sometimes he’s changing position just when I start drawing. No real horses out the window to draw though.

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      2. Horses are a bit more scarce than cats. I have two cats of my own ready and available but I can never get them to stay still long enough to draw them either. I’ll have to make another effort at some point though.

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