Day 198: Three Sisters

Three SistersOkay, so I really don’t know whether these three girls are actually sisters or not.  They look like they could be though.  At least in the photo they do.  So I decided to just assume that they are.  This was another random photo selection from Something To DrawIt seems like my obsession with that website isn’t waning at all in light of my switching from watercolours to pen sketches.  It’s just such a great resource for someone like me who needs a lot of practice just drawing but can never decide what to attempt.  Today’s photo was submitted by the foreign photographer – ฝรั่งถ่.  There aren’t as many limbs in this one as in the last group shot I sketched but I still think it’s a really nice photo.

I managed to avoid most of the proportion issues for this one I think (except for the girl on the far left, she unfortunately ended up a bit of a mess).  I definitely did start out on the wrong track as far as proportions are concerned though.  In order the fix it I had to rescale the picture a bit.  Basically I made the first head I drew too big so then I wasn’t able to fit as much of the body in as there was in the photo.  I also had to shift the girls a bit in order to still fit them all on the page.  It was a bit of a challenge.  That’s why it basically just ended up being three heads.  I’m still working on that whole “gauging proportions more accurately and translating them onto the page” thing.


11 thoughts on “Day 198: Three Sisters

      1. The girl on the left is my favourite – her expression is like she’s not sure whether she really wants to be in this photo or not – as if she’s been caught just as she’s decided to side step out of the frame but she’s too late! 🙂

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      1. No doubt. I’m very insistent on pen only right now and it’s a bit hard to pre-plan with ink. I try to mentally map it out but I think I still need more practice with that.

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