Day 197: Mr. Mannequin Goes for a Jog

Mr. Mannequin Goes for a RunIt is Thursday once again and, as some of you may know, Thursday is my self-imposed figure drawing practice day.  As usual I had Mr. Mannequin generously agree to pose for me.  For today’s sketch he did his best approximation of a run, or possibly just someone preparing to kick a football.  I’m not quite sure really.  Either way, the result is my first all pen mannequin sketch.  No doubt there will be many more to come. 

This one didn’t feel too different from my usual pencil line drawings for my mannequin sketches.  Of course the inability to erase was still a bit of a challenge.  The resulting sketch is still rather hairy looking.  Hopefully I’ll get better at that as I go.  The other major challenge I’m struggling with when going straight to pen sketches is getting accurate proportions.  I had some difficulty getting to proportions right with my pencil sketches too of course.  At least I was able to try to roughly map it out though which helped to keep it from getting too far off.  Then if it did still go completely off I would erase and start over.

With my pen drawings on the other hand I really have to commit myself.  There’s not much opportunity to plan things out.  I suppose I need to develop my ability to gauge proportions by sight.  I think it will definitely help in the long run.  In the meantime it may just be a bit of a rocky road.


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