Day 195: Just Some Random Strangers in a Room

A Waiting RoomThis morning I had to go to an appointment that basically turned out to be a complete waste of time.  When I got there the woman at the front desk had trouble even finding any record of me or my appointment.  I showed her the letter I had received in the mail indicating the time and date of my appointment to prove that I wasn’t crazy.  After reading the letter she put me in a room, handed me some paperwork, told me to wait for someone to come talk to me and promptly walked off.  As soon as she left I realized that the forms she’d given me were ones I had already signed on my last visit.  That left me in a room with a few other people reading through and signing forms just waiting for someone to show up so that I could explain to them that I had already signed these forms.

Luckily I was able to make use of the time by pulling out my sketchbook.  One thing I like about switching to a regular sketchbook and pen rather than a watercolour sketchbook is that it makes it much easier to sketch on the go.  The people didn’t exactly stay put though, but I made do anyways.  It was fun just sketching random people from life again and when I was left all but alone in the room I decided to take a shot at sketching the room itself.  I think I’m beginning to improve at translating perspective onto the page.

This was the first guy I drew:

Strange Man in a Strange RoomHe didn’t stay still for very long and kept tilting his head sideways to different angles.  That’s my excuse for why the proportions ended up all wrong.  I’m afraid it doesn’t look too much like him.  I only had a very short time to draw this before he was called out of the room and I was left without a subject.  By then the only person left in the room was sitting diagonally next to me.  She looked extremely uncomfortable about the prospect of being drawn and was casting me suspicious looks.  I decided not to antagonize her and opted for drawing the room instead of focusing on her.

After she was called out another woman entered and was seated on the far side of the room from me.  I figured she was far enough away not to get offended by (or possibly even notice) my sketching so I decided to draw her next.

Strange Woman in a Strange RoomShe moved about a little less than the man did which made her a little bit easier to draw.  She was still ilting her head around a fair amount and adjusting though.  I suppose people do that when they’re reading.  Anyway, I didn’t spend too much time on this one either because it wasn’t long after I started before someone finally showed up to talk to me.

When I explained that I’d already signed these papers they just made another appointment for me for a month from now.  I suppose they must have gotten their wires crossed somewhere because they definitely weren’t prepared for anything other than a basic intake appointment, which I had already done.  Oh well, it gave me an opportunity to practice some very quick pen sketches from life so I suppose it all worked out in the end.


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