Day 194: A Pile of Limbs

A Pile of LimbsToday’s sketch is once again based on a photo from Something To Draw.  It’s a little bit more difficult finding photos that work well for pen only sketches than ones that work for watercolour sketches.  I think that may be more of a mental block than anything else though.  In general I suppose I look for the same thing now that I dud before really.  I like to pick fairly simple subjects so that I don’t get too bogged down in details.

I really liked this photo though.  It was submitted by designldg and there are three different boys in it in case anyone was having trouble making it out. There are a lot of limbs all over the place in this one which I think is actually one of the reasons why I liked it.  Even with the photo it took me a while to figure out which limbs belonged to which boy.  I don’t think my sketch really improved matters on that front.  It was quite a fun photo to work with though and it gave me a little more much needed practice with hands and feet.  I’m beginning to see some slow progress here.


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