Day 192: A New Era Begins

Young Girl in PenI may be leaning a bit towards the melodramatic with these titles now.  Nonetheless, this is the first page of my new sketchbook.  My plan for this sketchbook is to fill it entirely with pen sketches.  This is a pretty big step for me.  I’m basically terrified of drawing with pens.  So much so in fact that I spent all day procrastinating because I was too afraid to put that first pen mark in my beautiful new sketchbook.  Back in high school I didn’t even want to use a pen for schoolwork.  I preferred to just use a pencil for everything so that it would be erasable.  That probably doesn’t speak too highly of my confidence in my own abilities.  So that’s what I’m going to be practicing for the next couple months or so.  No more hiding my mistakes.  It’s time to learn to be more confident with my linework.

So yeah, today’s sketch was based on another random photo from Something To Draw.  This one was submitted by apasz.  I know it may look like some kind of monster but it’s actually supposed to be a cute little girl holding a sprig of berries.  I promise the photo is actually quite nice and the girl is quite normal and sweet looking.  Obviously my proportions are a bit all over the place on this one.  A bit of a quality drop off was pretty much inevitable really.  This just shows that I need a lot more practice in this area so it’s a good thing I chose to focus on it for a while.

On a related note.  This sketch makes me really glad that tomorrow is hand day.  I have no idea what happened with this poor girl’s hands.  Clearly I am in dire need of some hand sketching practice using a pen.  We’ll have to see how tomorrow’s sketch goes then…


12 thoughts on “Day 192: A New Era Begins

  1. This does not look like a monster! 🙂 yeah, maybe how her legs connect to her body is a little off but you can still tell it’s a girl and I really like her face and expression. My eye is drawn to her face and held there so that I don’t really even notice the rest of it.

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    1. Thanks 🙂

      The face still isn’t quite in the right proportions but I definitely like how it turned out a lot better than the rest. It’s the one thing that doesn’t make me want to just throw out the picture and keeps me feeling like I am still making some progress.

      The legs were a bit of an issue because the photo didn’t go down that far so I didn’t have a good reference for that part. I decided just to wing it instead of leaving blank space at the bottom of the page. In retrospect that may not have been the wisest call.

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      1. I really can’t do anything from my imagination and have it look realistic. I’m slowly coming to terms with that though and don’t mind too much any more! 🙂

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      2. Yeah, I think you need to have a really solid foundation on something before you can attempt to draw it from imagination. Even then you usually want to have some reference photos handy. It’s definitely no easy feat.

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  2. Hands are really hard! But this drawing looks really great anyway!!! I like the expression on her face! What helped me was keeping the line work really loose. No line has to really be in place, if you draw a lot of lines. In the end you can highlight the lines that seem the best to you. But you did a really good job on this already!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I may try to work a bit looser and do more corrections. It seems like a good idea. Definitely better than getting stuck on lines that just don’t work.

      I’m glad that I did better on her face than I did on the rest of her body though. I’ve worked a lot harder on practicing faces. It’s good to know that I’m slowly developing a better feel for them. Now I just need to get the hands down … and maybe the rest of the body too …

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    1. Thank you, I like her expression too actually. I was really keen to capture her face properly since that was the part I liked best.

      Sadly the rest didn’t go quite as well. Her top hand definitely did turn out better than the bottom hand though. Not sure what happened with that one.

      I’m actually quite looking forward to my penwork too though. It’s a really interesting new experience. I feel like there’s the potential to learn a lot.

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    1. Thank you. Strong lines are the benefit of drawing with a pen rather than a pencil. The downside of course is having most of them be wrong. Still, I think it’s a great learning experience.

      I like you’re reading of the picture too. She does seem to have a bit of a “Well, what’s next?” attitude to her.

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