Day 190: A Shadowy Figure

A Shadowy FigureToday I decided to do something a little bit different for my weekly figure/mannequin sketch.  This may have been a bit of a strange choice for my last watercolour mannequin sketch with all of the black.  I resisted the raven yesterday.  Today I was was watching The X-Files though and I just couldn’t resist this one.  At least I finally managed to get the mannequin to pose in a way that I liked.  It’s not exactly the pose I was going for but it’s closer than I’ve gotten so far.  There may be hope for him yet.

The basic idea behind this one was a figure stepping through a bright doorway into a dark room.  I’m not really sure how well that actually comes across but I don’t think it’s too bad.  Maybe I’ll try it again sometime in a different medium.  Charcoal perhaps?  The problem with this was that I just couldn’t bring myself to use any more black than I did.  I didn’t want to entirely wipe out my pencil lines.  I also couldn’t figure out if there would be any visible shadows or where they would be.  I suppose that’s the problem when you combing life drawing with drawing from the imagination.


2 thoughts on “Day 190: A Shadowy Figure

  1. I can definitely tell he’s in an in-between place surrounded by dark. Maybe more a cave entrance than a doorway. I like the white space between the black and yellow.
    At least he doesn’t look scared!

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