Day 184: The Firefox

The FirefoxI’m back to random photos from the Something to Draw website again for today.  The reference photo for this cute little red panda was submitted by Shannon Rose O’Shea.  I’m afraid he was at least ten times more adorable in the photo than he is in my sketch though.  Still, I just couldn’t resist taking a shot at capturing him.

I probably should have worked a bit more on the underdrawing before moving on the the watercolour stage for this one.  I couldn’t get the panda’s face quite right.  I also had a lot of trouble with the colours.  All in all I think it turned out okay but definitely not fantastic.

It’s fine as long as I avoid looking at the photo though.  Of course, I think it’s like that with a lot of my pictures.  I like them much better looking back on them later than I do when I have an actual photo or painting to compare them to.


10 thoughts on “Day 184: The Firefox

  1. I think this is nice! I love what you did with the whiskers and the sparkle in his eye. I agree, dump the photo. If this were in a gallery, the buyer wouldn’t see it, so why should we care. I’m enjoying your watercolors. What’s your next trick when that book runs out? Have you decided?

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    1. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. I’ve been enjoying the watercolours but I’m also looking forward to a break from them. They can be a bit time consuming on a daily basis.

      For my next sketchbook I’m thinking of doing pen only. I like having themed sketchbooks where I work on developing one specific skill or medium. I’ve done a lot of pencil work but I’ve been shying away from committing myself to ink drawings. I think that will be a good thing to work on next to force myself to be a bit more confident with my linework.

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