Day 183: A Slightly More Cheerful Figure … Maybe

An Attempt at a More Cheerful MannequinToday I’ve got a new mannequin experiment for Figure Drawing Thursday.  I’ve only got a few pages left in my watercolour sketchbook before I move to a new sketchbook and a new drawing method to try out.  So I figured I should have fun with doing oddly coloured backgrounds for my mannequin sketches while I still can.  This week’s experiment?  Same pose as last week but from a slightly different angle and with different background colours.  The goal?  To make the faceless mannequin look cheerful instead of distraught.

I’m not entirely sure how successful I was at achieving that goal but it was definitely fun to attempt it.  I think he looks a bit too stilted.  It’s a pretty strange pose and I think I actually accentuated all of the oddities of it.  The picture on the whole is pretty cheerful, but I’m not sure how much more cheerful Mr. Mannequin actually is.  At least I tried to cheer him up though.


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